Just received the accordion... You did an excellent job. The sound is exactly what I was looking for and the finger board eliminated the clattering completely. Couldn't be happier, a million thanks.  from Duran in FL. Re: Reed Upgrade, Tremolo Change, & new Dancemaster retrofit Fingerboard for Hohner Erica in B-flat/E-flat for Dominican Merengue Tipico
My Hohner sounds like a different accordion now. Nice tuning, too. ...the difference is like night and day... gone is that thin, wimpy sound. Now it's got loud, solid sound on the treble side and really good, easy response from the reeds. The basses sound much clearer and stronger, too. I got to compare it with a couple of expensive Cajun boxes from LA. and it sounded every bit as good- and I think mine had more volume, too. from Joe N. in D.C. Re: Cagnoni 'Macchina' upgrade on a new Hohner HA-114****************************************I am thrilled with my new accordion! I am able to use it just as I had hoped. Crossing over for the sharps or flats seems very natural... Thanks for all your help and information. I have to admit it was scary ordering the accordion over the computer without touching it first, but I'm glad I did. Thanks again. from Carolyn A. in Ontario. Re: '06 Dancemaster ST-AM in B/C*****************************************...I am very happy with the accordion. A friend of mine is a fine boxplayer and he really liked it. He said it is cheaper than a Hohner and a lot better... Thanks for offering such a nice instrument at such a low price, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to afford a box at this time. from Claudine in Luxembourg, EU. Re: '07 Dancemaster ST-M C#/D
*****************************************I'm still a beginner at the button accordion, but even I can tell the difference between the before and after. It sounds much better with the replacement reeds and the keyboard modification is making a world of difference. Thanks for the great work. from John N. in Logan, Utah. Re: Cagnoni Macchina upgrade & fingerboard modifications on a Hohner Double Ray
*****************************************...great instrument and having a lot of fun... There's a Chiff and Fipple squeezebox forum, in case you didn't know, where they said good things about you and your accordions...
from Bob W. in Westland, MI. Re: '07 Dancemaster ST-M C#/D************************************I have just one word for you: WOW!!!!! I am truly amazed at the difference between the way it was when I sent it to you and the way it plays and sounds now... I can really tell the difference this is going to make in my playing. All the notes come out crystal clear... I can tell this is really going to rekindle my interest in concertina... my concertina now sounds much more "concertina-like" rather than the tired "accordion-like" sound it had before... it can breathe much better because of the adjustments you made ... and the new valves it just is a delight to play. This has far exceeded my expectations for the restoration of a "cheap Chinese concertina." from John B. in Bothell, WA. Re: Modifications to Chinese 'Morelli' C/G anglo concertina***************************
The accordion is great! I've played a gig with it , recorded several tracks with it for one of the groups I play with, and I've used it in rehearsals. It has been well received by the other, non-accordion playing, musicians. First thing they notice is the volume, it's louder. Next, they like the tuning, not too dry, not too wet. The F/C bass/chord was a very good idea. One of the singers loved it since I could follow his F/C chord pattern on guitar. Also, the sound tech. at our local pub noticed an improvement. During sound check, he kept commenting on how 'hot' the accordion was. He said it was a good thing because he could easily adjust the complete range from high-end to low-end bass. He was so interested working with the new sound that he even set-up separate mics for treble and bass. His final comment was, "don't ever sell that box!". I've never gotten so much attention. So, you've done very well. Now, if my playing could only do justice to the new reeds and your excellent work. Thanks again!from Hunter M. Raleigh, NC Re: Forte Tipo A Mano C#/D reeds installed in Cairdin Mini-Deluxe
What a nice sounding instrument. I am having a lot of fun... tremolo is exactly what I hoped for. Thanks for doing such a good job tuning those reeds... All around a very satisfying experience. Can't wait to try one of your ST and/or Forte models...In the mean-time, thank you from a very satisfied customer. from Josef W. in Easton, Maryland. Re: '06 Dancemaster 1-row Accordion/Melodeon in 'C'************************
Fantastic result. This old Vienna never sounded so good. Thanks. Follow-up:
After playing my ex-Vienna with the Cagnoni reeds, three things are apparent. First, the accordion seems louder... Second, it requires less effort to play... Thirdly, from the quietest to the loudest notes there is no change in pitch. I am accustomed to hearing bass notes flatten slightly during loud passages, so this is a pleasant revelation. I assume that this is because the reed tongues are wider, and so don't distort as much when the air pressure increases.
Bob J. in Tasmania, Australia. Re: Cagnoni 'Macchina' Reeds in Hohner Vienna/Pokerwork
I received the blocks today and installed them with no problems. Everything is still air-tight. All I can say is WOW! What a difference. They sound amazing. I'm glad you talked me into the bass reeds too. They sound so bright and clean compared to the old ones. I've been playing the box for quite some time now and just love the beautiful sound. Thanks a bunch. I'll definitely recommend your work to others that have accordions and likely buy one of your complete boxes in the near future. Bill O'. in Alberta, Canada. Re: Cagnoni Macchina Reed Upgrade for Hohner Pokerwork D/G
************************Thanks so much for the great tune up on my box. The tone is great, and the action is great. I get good comments on how much quieter the action is compared to my Baldoni. I feel very confident to bring my Dancemaster to Irleland. John McC. in St. Paul, Minnesota, Re: '05 Dancemaster DLX-AM C#/D dry tuned w/ Cagnoni Hand-Made reeds ****************************You did a nice job with the tuning and the buttons are perfect...a job well done. Eamonn S. in Berlin, Germany, Re: '05 DLX-DA B/C dry tuned w/ Binci Dural reeds ****************** It's like driving a Japanese car after driving a Russian car...Andrei in Kiev, Ukraine. Re: '05 Dancemaster DLX-DA C#/D in demi-swing w/ Binci Dural reeds*******************I purchased an Irish Dancemaster C#D about 6 months ago. I've been very happy with it. Michael at Irish Dancemaster is very helpful and you get alot for your money. I wasn't ready to spend $1000 or more on my first box so his price and quality mean a lot. Joe C. in Texas. Re: '05 Dancemaster DLX-M C#/D w/ Cagnoni Macchina Reeds *********************You have done a wonderful job on it... the responsive keyboard, wonderful upgrades, which we love! You have been exceptionally wonderful to deal with. Thank you again, more than I can say, not just for the accordian. It has been a great pleasure dealing with you and we look forward to continuing to do business in the future. Thank you again. Peggy D. in Connecticut, Re: Improvements on '05 DLX-M B/C dry tuned w/ Cagnoni Macchina ********************
... I've been tootling on my new blue for... six months or so now ... simple love it... My compliments on your workmanship. Ezra in Texas, Re: '05 DLX-M B/C w/Cagnoni Macchina
***************** My DLX-M arrived today in fine shape. Looks & sounds great! And I love that light, quick key action. Quite different from my old Pokerwork! Jeff W. in New Jersey. Re: '05 DLX-M D/G Morris Version Demi-Swing w/ Cagnoni Macchina reeds *************** I was very pleased with the improved quality and volume of sound. The reeds seem a good deal more responsive, also. Thanks for all your strong work and attention to detail. Best regards Terry K. in Kentucky, Re: Tuning & Repairs on Le Capitaine 1-row 4-voice Cajun-tuned D Accordion/Melodeon ^The little Morelli ADG returned home safe yesterday. and I really like the work you did on it. The unison tuning on the treble side is exactly as I hoped it would be... and the work you did has made the instrument more responsive, and thus, more efficient. Thank you very much. Terry in Kentucky. Re: Modifications/Retuning/Tremolo reduction of Chinese made Morelli 3-row ^...I like everything about the little A/A# accordion you built for me... This little button box radiates quality, and it shows a 2-row accordion as close to perfection as you are likely to find anywhere. The feel is velvety smooth; the touch and action are quick and silent; and the bellows are more supple than folded silk. ... It is wonderfully compact and lovely object to hold and manipulate .. quite a departure from any instrument I have ever seen or played. I am going to love playing this accordion ... greatly superior to any instrument I have ever owned... look out Italy! Terry in Kentucky, Re: '06 Dancemaster ST-M Custom A/A# dry tuned w/Cagnoni Macchina ********************** Everyone up in East Durham liked my box. It sounded pretty good even compared to a couple of [Saltarelle] Boube's and [Castagnari] Dinn IIs. I am happy with the reeds. Kenny T. in Austin, Texas. Re: C#/D Conversion w/ Cagnoni Macchina Reeds for Hohner Erica *********************
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