-Currently unavailable We are currently not taking new orders of the 2-row and 1-row models. We hope to resume production of the 1-row soon. 
We do have various and used, upgraded accordions for sale. Also, from time to time we offer refurbished Dancemasters for sale. 
Please inquire for further details.

2010 Irish Dancemaster Models and Reed Choices
  The 2010 Irish Dancemaster 'Sarasota' has been upgraded w/ super premium reed choices. I have selected several of the best reeds that I feel will outperform the reeds used in most other production accordions. I am here to help my customers make the best choice, both in terms of the style/type of music and budget, so please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  The Dancemaster Tipo A Mano or 'hand-finished' reed is the top choice of experienced boxplayers worldwide; this particular type of Tipo A Mano reed I use has a pleasant, sweet tone, excellent volume, and best of all, an exceptionally fast response. The benefit to the experienced player is that it can easily handle the most complex ornamentation played at high speed, and for the beginner player whose technique is a bit sloppy it is a very forgiving reed. The Tipo A Mano is made of aircraft grade aluminum frame and steel tongue.
  For the serious professional level player requiring the most responsive reed that is also most durable,  I offer the A Mano 'hand-made' reeds in standard and 'bombate' versions, both made with the highest-grade steel tongue designed for maximum performance, response, and durability.
  While the A Mano is the highest grade reed offered by most other accordion makers, I go one step beyond with the A Mano Supreme which also comes in both standard and bombate versions. The brass alloy frame enables superior resonance, response, and clarity; this one is for those who want the very best sounding accordion on earth, bar none.
  Any of the above reeds can be installed as upgrade reeds for many of the popular accordions such as Castagnari, Saltarelle, Cairdin, Paolo Soprani, etc.
  The Classic series reeds are specially designed to recreate the sound of vintage melodeons and accordions. The low octave reeds have a lighter tone and balance nicely with the mid and high octave reeds.
  Please email or call me if you have any questions.
Thank you for your time.
Michael Usui
PRICES of 2010  Dancemaster Sarasota (updated April '10. subject to change w/o notice)
Prices includes carrying case & padded shoulder strap.


We are currently not taking new orders of the 2-row and 1-row models. We hope to resume production of the 1-row soon.  Please inquire for further details.
Sarasota models: 2-row/2-voice (23 treble/8 bass w/ Chord Switch) 
Available keys: B/C, C#/D, D/D#, D/G, G/C, C/F, A/D. Custom keys avail. upon request.
Standard B/C bass setup: J.Burke or McComiskey

2-ROW                 Treble reeds                                  Price   
Sarasota                Tipo A Mano                                tba
Sarasota                 A Mano                                 tba
Sarasota                 A Mano Supreme                      tba
Sarasota                 A Mano Supreme Bombate                tba

Improved fingerboard w/ coil springs, thumb groove.
(Cajun model is tuned in Cajun style 'just tuning')
Avialable keys: A, Bb, C, D, Eb, G. Custom tuning, incl. 'Circular' tuning avail. upon request.

Cajun/Irish/Queb        Tipo A Mano (Std or Classic)                  tba
Cajun/Irish/Queb        A Mano  (Std or Classic)                tba
Cajun/Irish/Queb        A Mano Supreme                        tba

*Shipping & Handling: Charges vary by destination and model. Pls inquire for specifics.

50% deposit required to confirm order;  deposit is non-refundable once the order is  initiated.  Balance is due prior  upon completion.
.** Personal Checks,  money orders, electronic transfers accepted.
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