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Int'l Irish Setdancers/ Breton Dancers
Breton Dancing (from Britany)
Julius Caesar wrote of the Gauls' love of music & dancing. In Britany, the old Celtic Region in western France music & dancing has been an intergral part of the culture since pre-Christian times. Today it survives and thrives in this remote stronghold of the remnants of the old Gallic tribes. They still speak Breton, an old tongue closely related to Welsh Gaelic, and like their ancient ancestors and modern day cousins in other celtic lands, are mad for the music & dancing. The dancing & the music are lively and has the magical ability to mesmerize your spirit. Every weekend there are fest noz or dances held all around Britany where the whole community, young and old - from toddlers to the eldest elders - pack into school gymnasiums and dance and sing together, arm in arm until morning. Breton dancing at a fest noz is one of the most mesmerizing & magical dancing experiences.
Traditional French Folk Dancing
Folk dancing has always been alive & well throughout Europe. Many of today's American folk dances have their origins in such dances as the popular 16th & 17th century French country & court dances such as the 'quadrille' or squares, & the 'contre danse'. Dance terminology such as 'promenade', 'chaine', 'alemande', 'balance', 'do si do', 'hay' - were coined by the old French dance masters of the 17th & 18th centuries. Many of the dances survive today in our American folk dancing tradition. Experience the fascinating origins of your favorite dances. Rediscover the dances that were left behind over the centuries of trans-Atlantic cultural migration to the New World !
STOMP the night away!!
Irish music was MADE FOR DANCING
NOT ( ! ) Riverdance - Men, keep your shirts on!!
In Ireland today, all the rage is the incredibly fun

Setdancing !! (Traditional Irish folk dancing)
Group, couple & step dancing- all in one

Enjoy it with a partner, in a group of 2 or 4 couples.
Today it is popular in pubs & halls all over Ireland.
In days past, it was mostly 'house' and 'crossroads' dancing and took place on platforms by the road, in barns and in kitchens.
Breaking down Regional Steps & Styles -
'battering steps'
Would you rather see a Monet in black-and-white,
or in its full color splendor? Color, of course !!
The Caledonian Set is best appreciated in its battering splendor, Clare style. This is the traditional, loose, flat-footed 'drumming' style of footwork that is also the grand-daddy of American clogging. It features unusual 'heel drops' & 'heel-toe' sequences that are unique to this style. We have perfected the techniques for teaching the intricate Clare battering steps so that beginners and experienced dancers alike can learn them easily, right from the start. We also teach the Connemara step, as well as the incredibly fun Cork & Kerry sets.
Irish Setdancing
Breton and French folk dancing
Setdancing in a New Orleans Pub
Workshops, Demonstrations & Other Events
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3/6/2004 Orlando, FL
Family & beginner friendly Breton dancing
The legendary
Timmy 'the Brit' McCarthy in action
Step by Step Guide to the Clare Reel Step 2nd edition Comprehensive and detailed instructions for the west Clare 'battering steps' suitable for all levels. contains numerous variations of footwork, broken down & demonstrated for men & women  from all angles at slow speed. Includes detailed printed notations.  (31 min. VHS-NTSC) 25.00 USD/ 30.00 Cdn DVD 27.00 USD/ 33.00 Cdn +3.00 s&h in cont US ************************* "STEP-BY-STEP" Practice Music CD  for the Clare Reel 'battering' Steps Reels slowed down to practice tempos. The various steps are called out to make it  easy to practice the steps at home. 7.00 USD/ 10.00 Cdn +2.00 s&h in cont. U.S.
NEW Setdancing music CD !!
Donncha Lynch Band
Timmy 'the Brit' McCarthy's
"Set Dances of Cork & Kerry"

Authentic traditional dance music for 5 sets:
Borlin Jenny, Ballyvourney Reel, Hurry the Jug,
Ballyvourney Jig, Sliabh Luachra

includes Setdancer's Handbook
containing detailed dancing instructions
16.00 USD/ 22.00 Cdn

+2.00 s&h - cont. U.S.
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