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The name
'Dancemaster' was chosen in honor of my long-time mentor and friend, the Irish setdancing legend, Dancemaster Timmy 'the Brit' McCarthy of Ballyvourney, Co. Cork. He is best known for his amazingly fun dancing workshops and the wild Kerry polkas he pumps out on his trademark '45 C#/D Paolo Soprani strapped to his chest as he dances about the floor while calling the dances - a feat that is both awesome and inspiring.

Compared to most other traditional instruments the 'box' is relatively easy to play, loud enough to be heard over the noise of the dancers, and (at least in the old days) quite affordable even for the modest budget of the humble traveling dancemaster. As such, it has long been the instrument of choice for the lone dancemaster.

 Keeping in line with the original purpose of the dancemasters' favored instrument, I have set three primary objectives for my Dancemaster accordions: that they should be effortless to play, have a big sound, and be affordable even for the 'starving musician.'

The 2-row models feature ergonomically proportioned bodies with short,
lightweight bass ends, long bellows, light-touch fingerboards, and highly responsive reeds custom tuned to order. Every body component from the soundboard to the reed blocks are designed for optimal sound quality and output. Regardless of model, each Dancemaster is made with the utmost care, and with quality components.

Every model from the most affordable high-performance Tipo A Mano model to the top-of-the-line Supreme model are assembled, tuned, and serviced right here in my workshop.

Thanks for taking a look.
Best regards,
Y. Michael Usui
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Reed Tuning, Adjustments,
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Reed Replacement
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